Custom Quiz Results for Template

I am working in Storyline 360 and trying to make a custom Quiz Results slide for my team. I want to be able to set the location of the results text, buttons, and additional layers (pass/fail).  I have tried applying a Master Slide template, but this doesn't allow me to preset which buttons load in or where the text on the results slide is when I start a new project.

Not all of our projects HAVE quizzes, so I don't want to set it as a pre-load slide they have to import every time. I would like for the IDs to be able to add the results slide by clicking on New Slide > Results... and choosing our template.

Is there a way to accomplish this or do I just have to set it up and have IDs import it when they load the template?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for reaching out! There are a couple of options you can look at to share pre-built slides with your IDs:

  1. Team Slides - Team slides are exclusive to a teams subscription, which I see you are a part of! Take advantage of this feature to build your project, scene, or slide that you can then upload to a shared folder within Storyline. All your ID has to do is search for the slide and insert it into their course.
  2. Story Template - You can create a reusable template that already contains the custom results slide you created for your ID to use it as a base for when they start a new course.

Let us know if you have any questions as you begin to use these features!