Custom states of 4 position momentary joystick?

Feb 14, 2013


I'm trying to create a set of custom states to have this four position joystick (industrial control device) operate like it does in real life.  The joystick has really five positions (centered, up, down, right and left) and is spring loaded to always return to center when the operator lets go of it.  I thought this would be easy with Articulate using the states but not so (at least as near as I can figure).

I made a test story where I can click a shape (four quadrants) to activate the joystick (change states).  This works great but of course it doesn't spring back!!  I would like the user to be able to click and while holding down the button the joystick stays in the selected position (description text appears) but after the user lets go the joystick returns to the centered position.  This does not seem to be possible because the trigger only allows for "User Clicks"..  Its seems to me that what I want to achieve needs a "User Mouse Down" and a "User Mouse Up".

Possibly there is a special code to use the when "User Presses a Key".  A Mouse Down and Up keystroke equivalent?

Is there a way to achieve what I want?  A standard button state allows for a momentary "Down" position but how can I achieve this with four positions.  If I can't get his to work then maybe a feature request is in order!  I'm pretty sure that in most programming languages you can track a mouse down, mouse up event.  I would think an easy addition and useful in other cases.

Thanks for any suggestions!



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Gordon Evans

Steve that's exactly what I need!  Makes sense now.  Thank You.

I reproduced what you had in your file into mine and two things:

1) I guess using the state named "Down" in your Oval 1 causes issues..  Ie when clicking the center shouldn't do anything but it makes the button move down.  I guess "Down" is a reserved word for states so I just changed mine to "Dwn" and then it works as it should.

2) How did you get all your triggers to be under the Rectangle's (ie two triggers per rectangle)?  When I did mine all the triggers went under my joystick picture (ie your Oval 1).  Mine works fine but I don't understand the difference.

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