Customise the background of a zoomed image

Apr 25, 2016

Hi there,

I use the Zoom Picture option.

I was wondering is there is an option to customise the background of the image when it is zoomed. By default when the image is zoomed in (back to original size), there is a light grey background. This may work great in some cases, but in my case the slide background is grey and when the image is zoomed in it does not stand out.

Any ideas please?

Thank you in advance


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CarLea Sanchez-Agato

Hi Bobby, Zoom Picture option is the easiest way to display the full size image of a picture inserted in your slide.  However, i believe the grey background is default.  

One option I can think of is adding a new state for your image and re-sizing this to the size you would like to display the image, and editing the background as you see fit, then creating a trigger to display this state.  It's a bit tedious though compared to the 1 step in Zoom Picture.

Is this what you are after?  If not, please give a sample image and detailed description of what you want to achieve.  Thanks!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Bobby -- I see that Lea has offered a suggestion that might work for you, so please let us know if that will do the trick or if you had something else in mind. And while I am not aware of a method to customize the background of a zoomed image, I did want to pass along this information on Zooming and Magnifying Images in E-Learning as you may find some of the ideas shared to be helpful. 

You would also be welcome to reach out in our design-related Building Better Courses forum for additional ideas, as well. :)

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