Customising the Print Report Page

Feb 25, 2013

I am building a course that does not contain any formal assessment but the client does want a record of completion for each user when they have finished the course. The client does not have an LMS and will be hosting the course on their intranet. In Studio 09 I was able to add a recipient email who would receive the course results.  I have just discovered that Storyline has dropped this feature due to to many issues of incompatablilty with different eMail readers.

So, my solution is to create a dummy final quiz question as a 'click here to complete' button. This will take the user to a print report page which I will then instruct the user to save and email as an attachement to their manager.

I have two challenges:

I am trying to customise the reoprt output to be a certificate of completion, and I want to strip out most of the default formatting that comes with the standard print report.  I have been following Dave Moxton's thread for customising the html in the report page with only limited success.  Attached is an example of how far I've got but my limited html skills prevent me from identifying why I can't get the report to work.

Second challenge - the report only outputs as an html page. Is there any way I could convert this into a format that allow users to save the file and email as an attachment.

Many thanks

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