Customize the Cover Page

Mar 19, 2014

I have customized the side bar with a menu, a logo and notes and the bottom navigation bar the way I wanted for the course. However, I don't need them on the cover page of the course. Is there way that I can turn of the side bar and the bottom bar?

I did check off the Menu, Glossary, Seekbar, Resources, Notes for the cover page (selected "cusom for the selected slides" under Player features), but the empty bars are still on the side with the logo and bottom with a speaker.

Does anyone have the trick to turn off the bars? Thanks.

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Li Li

Thanks for your replies, Nancy and Ashley! I hope that this will happen soon like Presenter! The cover page really needs to be clean and straight forward. 

I have been using Lectora for years and get to know Articulate Storyline. So far, I love most of the features and the flexibility and look forward to seeing its improvements in near future.

Thanks again!

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