Customized Drag and Drop

Jun 30, 2017

I have a "drag and drop" exercise that the client wants the Storyline 2 interaction to keep the correct drags and reset only the incorrect drags.  Is that even possible?   Right now, I have two options: reset the whole activity to initial state (but I don't know how to limit that to 3 attempts) or change the activity that rejects any incorrect slide and return it to the drag list.

I have attached a copy of the interaction and the correct answer key so the curious can see what I am doing.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Susi B

Hi Anthony,

sadly there is no build in feature to only reset the incorrect answers when you check your quiz slide. There might be a way around this with variables, but I think this is much work for you to do.

My idea for this with variables would be:

1. Create variables for each drag item (true/false).

2. When the user clicks "How did I do?" he gets a feedback "passed/not passed".

3. After the feedback you could now navigate to a new slide on which the variables of the drag items are checked and the correct answers could be shown in the table (create items in the table as placeholders which are hidden and "change state of drag placeholder to normal when trigger of drag item is right" and "change state of drag item to hidden when variable is right").

4. Now the user can only drag the incorrect items, do this for as many attemts as you want to have.

I don´t know if this works, but I would try it with like 3 items to check the 3 attempts you want to have. And when it works you can build your whole quiz slide. :)



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