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Jul 25, 2023

I’m sorry to intrude in everyone's busy schedule and for posting what is perhaps a simple question.  I am pretty new at this and would like guidance in creating a customized quiz question.  I think that’s what I need.  I have a quiz question that involves four characteristics/qualities.   For each characteristic/quality, there is one correct answer but only two choices.  I am unclear on how to do this in Storyline, so I would greatly appreciate it if someone could get me started.



  1. quality 1 = answer b
  2. quality 2 = answer a
  3. quality 3 = answer a
  4. quality 4 = answer b

Possible Answers

Answer a

Answer b


e.g., Entities that share support responsibility often work together to provide assistance, maintenance, or aid in various situations.  In a typical software development project, Developers and Customer Support Teams entities share support responsibility for the product.  Match the characteristic with the responsibility.

  1. Coding, Testing, and Debugging = a
  2. Gathering User Feedback = b
  3. User Assistance with product = b
  4. Continuous Improvement of product = a

Possible Answers

Answer a = Developers

Answer b = Customer Support Team


Thanks very much
Johnna Hodges

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