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How do I revert a SL file that was built in a version AFTER Sept. 28, back into a file that I can use in 3.56.26219.0?

It is extremely time consuming and frustrating that I can no longer import SVGs from PPT into SL and manipulate the colors and elements. This has literally doubled my workload. Example: I design a training course for Client X using brand colors red white and blue. I sell the same course with minor customizations to Client Y but obviously must change the brand colors to green and yellow. That used to be a double click in SL, and now requires me to go find the image in my library, put it into photoshop which I don't know how to use, change colors, reimport and reanimate the scene; basically starting from SCRATCH. Painful! Please please pass this along to the dev team. They did not think this through. You guys have to do a better job with your use cases. A simple analysis of how your users work with graphics would have highlighted the issues your update has caused. I am no stuck using a version that has been updated 4x already, but I cannot update or I double my workload.

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Access Pointe

Hi Leslie, I have a workaround, but I'm very worried that Articulate may accidently make a future change that would impact this, the same way that adding SVG import back in Oct. accidently made my SVGs unable to be recolored/manipulated as shapes. Can you PLEASE pass this concern along to the development crew, and make sure they don't inadvertently make EMFs "static" in the future? Currently, I can copy/paste and EMF into SL, ungroup it, and manipulate it. This is extremely important in terms of updates, changes in colors, etc. I used to be able to do this with SVGs and no longer can. At least I have my EMF workaround. Please make sure development know the use cases for this if possible! Thanks very much.