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Hello All,

I will try to be concise about explaining what I need to accomplish. I am creating a software simulation where the learner is entering text into a series of fields. The learner needs to enter the correct text into the current field and then click into the next blank field to advance to the next slide using a hotspot. If the learner enters the text incorrectly and clicks the hotspot, a feedback layer is displayed. All this is easy enough to create with a simple trigger. The system screenshot image is placed on a slide master layout and the text entry object is be placed at the bottom of the timeline so the text entry insertion point is blinking and in order for the learner to be able to enter the text without having to click into the field again.

Here is the challenge. I need to be able to display a feedback layer if the learner clicks anywhere but the hotspot either with or without the validated text.

I was able to sort of get it to work using a trigger that is fired when the control loses focus but that trigger seems to always fire despite the trigger above using the hotspot and text validation.

So, my question is, is it possible to create a software simulation slide that will advance to the next slide after validating a text field and display a feedback layer if the text is incorrect or the learner clicks anywhere other than the hotspot?



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Bill!

For a short answer, yes there is a way to create this. I created a Google Search inspired course that sounds similar to what you're mentioning. Although, it sounds like your build is going to include many more variables. Feel free to take a look at my build and see if it can provide assistance!

If you want to share your file with us, please use the "add attachment" button in this discussion.

Bill Zedaker

Hello Lauren,

Thank you for your reply.  Attached is a sample project. In this example, the feedback layer will display when the leaner misspells the search terms but not if they click in the wrong place. I need the feedback layer to display if they click outside of the hotspot.