Data entry - collecting the information

Hello smart people!  Just trying to 'tweek' the data entry function a little.  Capturing input from students throughout a learning package, and its working a 'treat' however the output doesn't stay inside either a 'styled' text box or a shape box.  It keeps popping outside the boundary.  I checked both my data entry and reference collection settings and have them set for: 'shrink text on overflow', 'wrap text in shape'.  But it doesn't change how its displaying, which is outside the box.  Its not a huge problem. At least its capturing what I need, but it would be handy to keep it inside a styled box.  Thank you 'smart people' 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Kim,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you see in your course.

I do see a similar report when the text entry field has a height of less than 60px. Does that sound like what you may be running into as well?

If so, the workaround we have at this time is to use a text entry box larger than 60px.