Data entry fields and Reference variables do not work correctly

Feb 05, 2018

Since the update my reference variables aren't working as before.  First: my data entry field has a scroll bar, which wasn't there before. I somehow got rid of it. Second: I have a text field with a reference variable which refers to this data entry field (name). This text field fades in after 1 second. Before it worked fine, now the text field changes the font size. So it fades in, in say font size 16, and then the text field becomes smaller (or the font becomes smaller, I'm not sure). 

I didn't change anything. I published this file in articulate 360 (review) and it worked  fine. After the update the same file is not working as before.  I removed the reference and then the text field (the size) stays the same. If I insert the reference, then the text field changes size. 

Who can help me, or how can I undo the update?!

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Katie Riggio

Thanks for reaching out, Gaby! I'm happy to help you with this 🔎

The issue you described sounds like one we recently reported, so I'd like to confirm a couple of settings to see if it's a match:

  • Can I confirm the exact Storyline version you're currently on? (To find this information, simply go to Help > About Storyline)
  • Is this behavior happening in the Flash and/or HTML5 output? How about the Preview within Storyline?
  • Are you able to share your .story file here, so we can run some tests on our end?

I look forward to your reply!

Gaby Paulen

Hello Katie,

Thanks for your reply.

  • I'm currently working in v3.12.14647.0.
  • The bahavior is happening in Flash/HTML5 output as in the preview within SL.
  • I can't share my file publically, but I've published the slides that give the problem. I hope this is enough for you tot run some tests on. If not, please let me know.

Thanks for the help and I hope to hear from you soon!

Katie Riggio

Thanks for all of this extra information, Gaby! 🙂

I'm also seeing the font size shrinkage on the second slide in preview and after publishing your file to Review.

I created a test file under the following conditions:

  • Slide 1 has a text-entry field that animates in.
  • Slide 2 has a reference to that text-entry field that also animates in.

I'm unable to recreate the font size shrinkage issue with my file in preview and after publishing it in the Flash/HTML5 format. Here's that file in Review, and I've attached its .story file below.

I'm wondering if the issue stems from the custom fonts. Are you able to publish my file with your custom fonts to see if that changes the behavior?

I'll be standing by!

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