Data Entry fields Inconsistently Display Default Values

Oct 09, 2017

Hi Heroes,

I'm trying to understand if this is a problem in Storyline 360 or if I just have done something wrong that I'm not seeing. My problem is this: I have built an activity in which the learner must take an inventory of 4 new gas cylinders. For each cylinder, the learner has to read the label and markings to identify the contents and pressure. Here's how it looks at the start of the inventory, before the learner enters any values:

Text Field Defaults Inconsistently Dislpayed

You can see that in the inventory card for the aqua cylinder (on the left), the Contents field is blank; but on the inventory card for the brown cylinder on the right, the Contents field has a default value of "Type your text here."  As far as I can tell, both text fields are set up the same way:

Aqua Contents Variable Setup


Brown Oxygen Contents Variable Setup

(That's an I-beam you see at the start of each Value field, indicating that in both cases, the Value field is completely empty initially).

Why do these show up differently? I would like them both to be blank, ideally.

When the learner clicks the right scroll arrow to see the next cylinder on the right, course displays different default values for the numeric Pressure fields, even though those variables are also set up the same way, with empty Value fields as their initial values:

Numeric Fields Iniital Values Inconsistently Displayed

You can see that the brown oxygen cylinder's Pressure defaults to zero, but the red hydrogen cylinder's Pressure value defaults to <empty>. Again, I would like these to at least be consistent, and ideally to start out blank.

I've attached a one-slide Storyline 360 *.story file that illustrates the issue. Is there something I can do to make these various fields consistently begin empty of any default value?




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Ray Cole

Ooh. Sorry. I didn't even think it uploaded at all because I got an error during the upload.

I extracted the slide from a (much) larger course file, and I've noticed that Storyline often doesn't reduce the *.story size even after you delete most of the slides.

I will see if I can create a smaller version for you. 


Wendy Farmer

Hi Ray

not sure why - could be the way it was setup.

I hid your text entry on the first cylinder and added another and it changes to say 'type your text here' so it is consistent with the other 3.

I then duplicated the slide and removed the 'type your text here' from each text entry box so they are now all blank.

Hope that helps

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