David Anderson, these Webinar examples didn't work for me: number variables

Hi David A ,

Please look at my sandbox.story and tell me why the two variables interactions are not working as they should. In the Numbers/Daysof the Week HOurs Worked, your download file is not showing us how to reset the values, so the total hours keeps incrementing.  In the True/False vars that you went over at the end of the Numbers Webinar last week, I can't get the Continue button to change state when Layer1/Layer2, Layer3 are all true.  Thanks for helping me out! Will be on the Quiz call on Wed. 

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David Anderson

Hey Jenny —

First off, thank you so much for attending our webinars last week. I really like your sandbox file for practicing what we covered. This is really a great way to learn.

So I put together a quick video showing you some ways to prevent the learner from clicking the submit button and increasing the values. I also included some ways to reset the variables.

Can you take a look at the screencast and let me know if you have any questions?