Delaying the Next button

Paint me dim sometimes, but I can't see how to do this.

I have a number of slides which I would like to delay the appearance of the Next button until the learner has done what I want them to do on the slide itself.

For example, I have a slide with a series of talking heads (just links to other slides with information about what different people think).  After visiting each of the information slides, the learner is brought back to the original slide to make another choice.

I want them to be able to make their own choice of the order in which they view these 'heads' but once all the heads are visited I then want the NEXT button to be available. 

Currently it is available all the time.

I thought I might be able to do it by using Variables but I can't see how to link the Next button into it.......

Currently baffled but having fun............ anyone got any thoughts as to how to do this?

thankee kindly


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Louise Delay


You're right : you have to use variables!

  • Create a variable, which type is number.
  • Initial value : 0
  • Create a trigger : action, adjust variable; variable, the variable you've just created; operator, + ; value, value ; 1; when, user clicks ;object, one of your heads
  • Create your next button, with "hidden" as initial state
  • Create a trigger : action, change state of; on object, next ; to state, normal ; when, variable changes ; variable, your variable. Click on show conditions. Click on "+" then : list, variable ; if, your variable ; operator, greater than or equal to ; type, value ; value, the number of talking heads

Hope it helped