Deleting a variable

So i created a variable called "status" and set it up as a number.

Once i started working with it i decided i'd rather have "status" be text.

I can't figure out how to change that..

Nor can i figure out how to delete it and recreate it.

I'm sure there's a simple solution.. maybe even a button for that.. but haven't found it yet.

i haven't found any option (unless i'm missing them) that will allow me to see a list of what variables (and their types) i currently have in my story.

Any ideas?

for now i'm just going to create a "status2" and keep chugging along.. but i wanted to post this to the group to see if i was missing something glaringly obvious.


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Phil Mayor

Bruce Graham said:

Just out of interest...WHY can't you change the type of a variable?

Is it just too "confusing" for SL to deal with, ("confusing" = technical term....) 


I think it is the problems that would occur if you had a numerical variable that you had triggers running calculations on.  You then change that to a text variable, these calculation would not work.  It was probably easier to just set it so the type is set in stone.  rather than say, you should go back and change all your triggers

Phil Mayor

I agree, it would also be nice to do it anyway.

I am prepared to roll the dice and break my project.

I suppose it comes down to where articulate see Storyline being aimed at if it is people like us, who are happy to troubleshoot it should happen.  If however it is aimed at people stepping up from Studio then I dont think it will happen