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Sep 04, 2012

So I found this website that I thought was a nice little interaction. Once you click the Get Started Now button, it takes you through a series of “slides” that asks you what you want to improve to come up with a “Personalized Brain Training Program.”


I wasn’t sure how I could use this, and then I remembered about a Reaction to Change Inventory that someone gave me a while back when I created a Presentation on Surviving Organizational Change. Thus, I tried to replicate the above website in Storyline using this Reaction to Change Inventory. (Note that I was given this inventory to use…and I do not know who to credit for creating it.)

Here is the published Storyline file:


I have also attached the working file if anyone is interested.

Finally…I have a question as well. I tried every variable combination…User Clicks, State Change, etc., but no matter what I tried I had the following issue. When you click the button, it scores it appropriately. The problem I have is if you decide to “uncheck” the button. If that happens, it scores it again…I can’t figure out how to  “un-score” the variable. Thus, I just hope the user clicks on the choices and continues without “un-checking” anything.


David Baker

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Phil Mayor

Hi David, that is really good, thanks for posting you have just given me a solution to something I am working on.

Regarding the problem you had with unchecking the answers, instead of when user clicked why not add all the triggers to the Next button based on the selected state, this way it doesnt matter what they check or uncheck until they press the Next button

Really good idea



David Baker


Thanks for checking out my Storyline interaction and I am glad it helped you solve an issue. 

I tried what you suggested...as it made perfect sense. However, perhaps I am doing something wrong, since your suggestion did not work. I think I may be doing something wrong as when I changed the variables to the Next button, it actually scored each item twice when it was selected (with a single check...and yes, I deleted the previous object triggers). Also, if I checked and then unchecked, it added that...so for one selection instead of being 10 for the check (selected) it was 20, and if I "unchecked" it the score was now 40. 

Any thoughts/ideas? 

Leanne Fisher


I really like the reaction to change inventory. I am currently building a course to help our employees navigate change, since we are implementing some significant organizational changes. I think this would be a great fit for the course I am building.

Is there anyway I could have permission to use your file in my presentation?

Best regards,

Leanne Fisher

David Baker


By all means feel free to use the file.

In fact, I adapted this based on an Organizational Change Survival Guide I created. With that said, I have attached the PowerPoint slides from the presentation. I also have an word file to accompany this, but it seems you can only attach one file in a reply.

Feel free to use this or the Storyline file. 



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