Desperate over Complete/Success State

Aug 03, 2018

I need some help to clear out possible mistakes in my settings. I created a quiz within a success score. This value is only used for displaying a printable certificate at the result slide ("show if user have more then 80%"). I dont't need it for my LMS. Now my problem: I cannot send a complete state to the LMS (user is on the result slide so he finished and quit) without a quiz success over 80%.

I tried several settings and tested via scormcloud. What i need is a setting for complete state whether the quiz was successful or not. Maybe you can take a look at my .story file.

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Sarah Stokes

Hi Marcel. I had some major issues working with the Pass/Complete vs Failed/Incomplete settings within my LMS. I wasn't able to open your story file (likely because I have SL 3 and you seem to have a newer version). Could you take a screen shot of the Reporting/Tracking settings panel when you go to publish? I also had to tweak a few settings within my LMS that I can share with you, too.

Marcel Reinert

Hi Sarah, thanks for you attention. I attached the settings but it is german. For the reporting it is set to pass/incomplete. But i tried also complete/failed. As you can see in the ScormCloud-Screenshot i'm not pass but it should be complete cause the quiz is ended. our users can only do the quiz once and whether they pass or not, the quiz should be completed.

Crystal Horn

Hi Marcel!  It sounds like you need a reporting status of either completed/incomplete, or completed/failed.  If you tracked by number of slides viewed (3 of 4, in your example, to account for the Results slide), the course would either report "completed" if the users reached the Results slide, or "incomplete" or "failed" if they don't reach the Results slide.

Check out your course with complete/incomplete reporting, and using number of slides viewed as the tracking options.

Would that work for you?

Marcel Reinert

Hi Crytal! Yes it works so far. But does it also sends the interactions? In all my attempts on Scormcloud I got the finish by tracking but without sending the interactions. Can it be that it is due to Scorm 1.2, so that I reach the conclusion either only via one page or only via the score(pass/fail), but not both at the same time?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marcel!

Thanks for sticking with us as we work together to find a solution! 

Since you need to mark the learner as "Complete" when they finish the quiz (no matter if they pass or fail) and you need to track the interaction data, this is what I would suggest:

  • Set the quiz passing score to 0%
  • Publish using the Completed/Incomplete reporting setting

Let me know if that scenario would work for you!

Marcel Reinert

Hi Alyssa, yes of course, this works fine referring to completion. But i needed the passing score to show a printable certificate within the course. The only way i can managed both (completion wheter pass or fail and use the score) is with SCORM2004. This combinations works fine on ScormCloud. Unfortunately SCORM2004 is not supported by our LMS.

All in all i find a solution for me. I take your settings for completion and interactions. The control of the certificate (show/not show) i solved by using variables on the quiz slides (+1 if the anwser is right) and display the certificate at 80 percent of the total value.

Thanks all for your great support!

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