Development Time Studio VS Storyline

Quick question for you guys.

I am able to use both Studio 13 and Storyline at a decent level and whilst I enjoy having the ability to 'be creative' with interactions/states/layers in Storyline, the majority of the courses that we just need to 'get out there' quickly don't require anything more than can be achieved in Studio & Powerpoint.

My question is, in this case, how much ADDITIONAL time do you think it would take to replicate the interactions found in Studio, in Storyline instead?

For arguments sake ( 8 point Timeline, a drag and drop interaction and 5 stage process interaction).

Trying to explain to someone why we need both systems and not ONLY storyline, but struggling to get the logic across!!

Hope this makes sense and thanks in advance!



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Allison LaMotte

Hi Kevin,

Unfortunately it is difficult to say exactly how much time it would take to make this type of interaction in Engage vs. in Storyline. However, there is a section in this article about Form-based vs. Free-form tools that may help you to explain why you think that Engage is a better option for certain projects. Hope that helps!