Differences between SL2 and SL3

Feb 21, 2018

Hello everybody,

Tell me please, are there any major differences between SL2 and SL3? Now I am thinking about i want to change my storyline courses SL2 to SL3. Whats your opinion.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Hareesh,

There are some pretty big differences in terms of features with Storyline 3 over Storyline 2. The biggest of these may be the increased HTML5 support and the use of the modern player on mobile devices. This was a highly anticipated feature, especially with more and more companies and browsers looking at blocking access to Flash.

You're welcome to start a trial of Storyline 3, and you'll be able to seamlessly upgrade your existing Storyline 2 projects to see how they'll work. Keep in mind any changes you make to the file in Storyline 3 won't be able accessible while you're using Storyline 2. We'll back a backup copy of your Storyline 2 file once you upgrade, so you can always go back to that version.

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