Different layer trigger after first visit?

Oct 30, 2014

I'm working in Storyline 1, and have created a main menu slide. The first time a learner visits the slide, a custom lightbox layer starts at the beginning of the timeline (it contains instructions). Is there a way I can set the triggers so that subsequent visits to this slide do not trigger the lightbox (so they just see the main layer)?

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Belen Ferrer

Hi Greg,

There totally is a way--what you need is a variable and a condition on your lightbox layer trigger.

First, create a variable to track whether or not the user has visited the Main Menu by clicking on the "Manage Project Variables" button on the Trigger panel. You'll want it to be True/False and you'll want it to be set to False (Main Menu has not been visited yet) when the course launches:


Then, go to your Layer and add a trigger to the button or shape that Hides/Closes the layer. This trigger should change the MainMenuVisited variable value to True. Make sure you put this trigger ABOVE the 'Hide layer' trigger, since it needs to happen first:


Finally, modify the 'Show layer' trigger on the Main Menu base layer to add a CONDITION by double-clicking your existing trigger and clicking the green plus sign at the bottom of the trigger dialog box. You want the Layer to show ONLY IF the MainMenuVisited variable is equal to False, like so:


Test that out and let me know how it goes.

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