Different nagvigation paths depending on the type of user


I am making a reporting presentation. However I have different types of people with different needs who will follow this training. Depening on the types of user certain reports will  be excluded or included. Of course there is a mutual set of reports that all groups need to follow. Is there a way that you can build different navigation paths for different type of users. Since I have 3 different types of users i would ask an upfront question to identify the user type. Depending on the answer I would want to assign the right path.


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Len Hack

Hi Heike,

This is definitely possible. The simplest in my mind would be to create a variable that is set (e.g. 1,2 or 3) when the user answers the initial question.

This variable can then be checked on each click to the next slide. If user=1 then goes to Slide X, if user=2 then goes to Slide Y etc.

Hope that helps?