Different transitions to different pages in StoryLine 2

Apr 27, 2017

I have a screen with a compass on it. Any ideas how I would accomplish this? JavaScript?

  • When the user clicks on North, the screen "Pushes Down" to screen 3.
  • When the user clicks on South, the screen "Pushes Up" to screen 4.
  • When the user clicks on West, the screen "Pushes Right" to screen 5.
  • When the user clicks on East, the screen "Pushes Left" to screen 6.

Any help would be appreciated

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi George,

I could be oversimplifying this - and if so, just tell me! I'd love to see your .story file if so and then we could work within your specifics.

Have you tried applying the slide transitions to slides 3, 4, 5, and 6? As each of those slides could have it's own transition and that would appear when arriving on that slide, no matter what slide you were at before. 


George Cooper

Yeah, as always, going forward is fine, it's going back to try a new direction that's the tricky bit. I want the user to "Go" to one page, then "Go Back".

Duplicating pages in itself is not troublesome, but every time it goes through testing you are increasing your work 5 fold when updates to a page are required (and let's hope we don't miss one).

Dave Cox

Hi George,

The solution to going back is pretty much the same as what Ashley suggested going forward. Instead of going back, you need to navigate to a new slide that has your animation to go back, and the when can jump back to the beginning page when the animation completes.

Yes, keeping up with multiple copies of an image can be a challenge. Sometimes I keep a list of where each image is used in a separate unused layer that I call developer's notes. When you swap out images, be sure to keep the new image the same size if possible, and use change image to do a direct swap of the image.

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