difficult problem with triggers and trigger-order

Sep 23, 2021


I'm working on a course for upcoming musicstudents. Therefore I am currently building a tool for exercises in engraving. Everything is working on many triggers and after my logical opinion it should be working just fine. But there is a problem...:

All the accidentals (like the # for c-sharp or the b for e-flat etc.) have three different states. Activated, B-Pos and C-Pos. This is needed, if there is more than one accidental activated so I can avoid them from overlapping via a trigger. This works in this matter: If note c flat is activated, the b of the c-flat is activated; or: If note c flat is activated, the b of the c-flat becomes state b-pos, in case one of d-flat and -sharp, e-flat and -sharp, etc... are activated.

This works just fine. The problem comes with the trigger "all of x-accidentals are not Pos-B". This should move an other accidental from Pos-C to Pos-B. But this only works if all of the in the pool "x" included accidentals become the state "normal". If they become the state "activated" it seems to be that, B-Pos is still remembered as one of the states, even if the accidental evidently "moves" to the state "activated....

Are there any special implications to the prebuild state "normal", that the prebuild state "activated" doesnt include? Could it be better, to create a new state, like "A-Pos" and have all of my triggers that have something to do with the prior state "activated" change to "A-Pos"?

I have searched for trigger-loops but I cant find any. 

I hope, you can understand my problem. Maybe there is something you figured out yet, that deals with a similar problem?


I will be thankfull for all your answears!

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Frederik Frank

edit: The .story file just works till the german c'' (C5).

Also I maybe have figured out a solution with an additional state, that has the same position as the selected state. This seems to solve the loop. Tomorrow I will try to fill the hole file with these triggers. hundreds to come. :-D

But I still ask my self a general question: Why does the "none of a pool of x object have state x activated" trigger only activates  if I deactivate or change the state x by clicking on one of the pools objects? Instead of also beeing activated, when all of the objects in the pool leave the state due to an other trigger... 

Leslie McKerchie

I appreciate you sharing your file, Frederik. 

As Maria mentioned, we have many talented community members that may be able to chime in and help with your design.

I did take a quick look and realized that you have a Pick Many Slide, but no 'correct' answers were marked in the form view. There are many triggers in this project as well, so if you can walk through one scenario to recreate the issue you're seeing, that may help folks take a look at the right triggers to further assist.