Disable Changing Answers of an Assessment if User Exits and Retakes the Course

I developed a course with an assessment.  When the learner leaves the assessment before it is complete and launches the course again, the learner can start the course and the assessment over. Prompt to Resume is enabled.  This allows the learner to change their answers to the assessment before it is completed.  Is there anyway to ensure that the learner cannot change their original answers on the assessment by exiting and retaking the course? 

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Shelly Pasternack

Hi Brian,  Thanks so much for the quick response.  I am able to limit the number of times the learner can take the assessment.  But if they exit before the end of the assessment and start the whole course over, the assessment answers clear and they can take the assessment again.  It's as if they never took the assessment in the first place. 

Vincent Scoma

Hey Shelly,

Thank you for providing that additional information! 

When the learners go to retake the course, is there a prompt that appears that asks them to pick up where they left off? It could be a couple of things contributing to what you are seeing here. If I could have you check a few settings to see if this is causing the quiz to reset:

If you need our help to take a look at your file,  we're always more than happy to help!  You can share .story files in this thread here or you’re always welcome to share it privately with our Support Engineers. We'll let you know our findings and will delete it after having a closer look.