Disable slide navigation until video from website finishes playing

Nov 15, 2012


I'm building a course that makes extensive use of embedded videos from a streaming cloud service my organisation subscribes to (not YouTube).

I want to restrict learners from progressing to the next slide until they have watched the entire video. I imagine being able to do this with a variable as per the tutorials on this site, but I can't seem to assign the trigger to an embedded video.

Is there any way around this?

Thanks for an amazing support network, it's great to finally be part of the Storyline community!


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Mike Enders


Unfortunately, there's no way to target an external streaming video with a variable.  You could approximate it though.  So, let's say, for example that you know the video is 30 seconds long.  You could place an object on the timeline at the 30 second mark and then use triggers based upon that object.  The only catch is that if the streaming service lags and the video takes 45 seconds to load and play, then you have 15 seconds of video where the learner could proceed without watching.


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