Disabling Navigation Until Trigger

Jan 27, 2014

Is there a way to disable the forward navigation button in the player on particular slides until a trigger has been activated?

I want the students to navigate through some layers on a slide before they are able to move on to the next one. 

Thank you!

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Michael Hinze

Hi Darcy, welcome to the community.

Yes, this can easily be done and there are lots of variations on the theme, depending on your exact setup. See attached example. I added a condition to the Next button's trigger to only jump to the next slide when a True/False variable is true. This variable has an initial value of False and is set to true once Layer 3 is reached. Hope that makes sense.

Darcy Goedecke

Thank you for the speedy reply! I was able to figure it out from your example and description

I noticed when I tried to repeat the process on a following slide that it would only work if I set its variables to "false". So I assume next time I will have to set it to trigger on "true". Does it make sense that it would flip flop like this?

Thanks again!

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