DISCOVERY: Work Around for Modern Player for Lock at Optimal Size, No scaling

For days I found no resolve for this constant request/problem where people want to use the modern player for Storyline 360; to lock at optimal size which is not available but heavily requested. I scanned the code for about 8 hours but couldn't find the answer. I wanted to use the Modern Player, but not scale for probably the same reasons you seek. 

After a MacGuyver moment, I thought this solution might work and gave it a shot. It worked!! Its so easy - I set an iFrame up to the size of my stage and populated "story.html" in it (through html code on my supplied index.html file) and it works like a charm. Simply download my index.html file and change the html width and height of the iframe to reflect the dimensions to your project and you're all set. The file will only scale to the size of the iframe. If it needs to scroll, it will - which is what I needed!! So exciting!

This community has been helpful to me and just trying to return the favor. You can always send me a thank you if ya want. This seemed to be a very big issue that no one was able to overcome. Glad to help - and to be the first to post this resolution!

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