Display Actual Project Slide Number from Question Pool

Nov 14, 2022

Is there a variable that will display the absolute project slide number from a randomly drawn question pool? For example, if the question is on slide 3.14, the variable would always be 3.14.

I've tried Project.SlideNumber, Project.SlideReference, and Scene.SlideNumber and none have accomplished this. 

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Joe Tansengco

Hello Wendy,

Thanks for reaching out! 

Have you tried using the 'Menu.SlideNumber' variable to see if the data stored here meets your requirements? This variable is define as:

The current slide's number in the player menu

You can check out this article to know more about this variable, as well as other built-in variables that you can use for your project. 

Let me know if this works for you!


Wendy Jaehnig

Hi Joe. Thank you for your idea. Unfortunately, these are randomized slide draws and are not in the Player menu. (The menu includes a slide to introduce the assessment, but the slide draws themselves are hidden from the menu.) I tried it out, but it did not display any number, presumably because the slides are not in the menu. 

Joe Tansengco

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for the clarification! 

You can always store the Slide Number that you would like to display in a variable, and then add this variable to the question slides inside the question bank manually. You can display the Slide Number that you stored in the variable by using a variable reference which you can add to your slide using a text box. 

Alternatively, since the Slide Number will never change, you can just include the Slide Number in a text box and then add this to all of your question slides. If you prefer to have a location where you can make changes to the Slide Number that will be applied to all of your slides, you can add the Slide Number to a Slide Master layout and apply this to all of your question slides. 

Wendy Jaehnig

Thanks, Joe. Creating a variable and using a variable reference is what I have done in the past and what it looks like I will end up doing here. I was hoping there was an easier approach because there are about 160 questions in the assessment (only 30 drawn for assessment) and the course is in 17 languages, which ultimately means thousands of question slides. (This is the reason I need to be able to identify the slide number. Since the questions are randomly drawn, I need a way to identify the question was so I can answer it correctly in other languages when testing it in the LMS.) Thanks for your insights. :-)