DIsplay of choices on a slide

I need help on the following -

I created a slide in which the user selects a check box from a group of two choices.  There are four sets of two choices.  The instruction is for them to select one statement from each set.  So, they will have a total of four statements selected on the slide.  After selecting the check boxes, I would like the four choices to display on the next slide (so they can email the results to review later).  Any guidance on how to do this? 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kellie

see if the attached sample helps.

  • I created a button set for each set of two checkboxes so that only one choice can be made from each category.
  • I created a variable for each possible choice (note only triggers for the first two sets of statements have been coded to show how it works)
  • Created triggers on first slide to adjust variables
  • Display slide - I copied all possible statements and set their initial state (edit states tab) to hidden. I then used triggers to display the statement to normal on the display slide if the variable had been changed on the previous slide.

Hope this isn't too confusing.