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Jan 27, 2014


I've asked a similar question but still trying to work this one out. I want to have Articulate Storyline courses in Moodle (no need for tracking of results). At the moment I'm uploading as an LMS file and in Moodle I use the 'display as open' and it's fine on ipad and on pc.

However, the organisation wants to show the Moodle breadcrumb trail and links at the top (no side menus) and so Articulate Storyline would need to be embedded. 

1. Should I save the file as LMS or Scorm package

2. How can I get the course to display so it fits within the Moodle package and displays on ipad and pc. I know it can be resized via Storyline but I think this would make it too small to read the text etc

3. Is the best solution to have it as an 'open' file

4. Any other ideas?



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