iPad and Articulate Mobile Player

Oct 01, 2015

Two scenarios:

First: I Published (LMS) my course material and zipped it. I imported into BlackBoard Lite as a SCORM package and I can view it on a PC. When I attempt to view it on an iPad I am told I need to download Articulate Mobile Player app. I downloaded the app, cleared the history and data in Safari, logged back into BlackBoard Lite, attempted to view the course material but am taken back to the window that tells me to download the Articulate Mobile Player. How do I tell the iPad to open Articulate Mobile Player to play the content? I have open the player to see if I can access the course from there but it shows me black window with the words: "No content".

Second: I Published (Web) my course material and zipped it. I attempted to import it as a SCORM package but get the error, "An error occurred while processing your SCORM package. The package may not be in the proper format." and cannot progress from there.

I don't not care about tracking so LMS is not needed. In both scenarios I have:


  • Include HTML5 output
  • Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS or Android


  • Allow downloading for offline viewing

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, I have exhausted the options I can think of.


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