Displaying variables in installed fonts

Oct 20, 2020

Hi there team, I am really hoping someone can help me with this.

I work on projects for clients - they all have different branding and different fonts.

I am finding that screens which include variables to be displayed, will not load at all if they are using a customer font. If the variable is on the base layer the screen will not load at all - just get the loading 3 dots, if the variable is on a layer then the base loads but will not work and just has the loading 3 dots show on top.

This includes if I use variables for page numbers, results on result slides, text variables, etc.

The only way I can get the screens, that contain variable references, to load - is to change the font to a general system font such as Arial. (So far this has been ok as mostly just page numbers - but in my current project I need to display text from a text variable and it is noticeably not the same font).

I have had my colleagues check the same projects on their machines and they have no problem with the fonts and getting the screens to display with the variables. - Therefore must be something with my machine and Storyline??

I have checked and do have 'Use Modern Text' selected.

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Lizzie Angell

Hi Lauren. It is not a specific file it is any file with an installed font not a system font.

I wont be uploading my project as it is a client project.

I can put a variable in a blank screen but feel that probably wont be helpful as, as I have said my colleagues are all able to use and publish the projects with no issue.

It is something wrong between my computer and Storyline.

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Lizzie!

Thanks for those clues. With them in mind, I've got a few ideas for us to try:

  • Working on a shared drive can cause unresponsiveness. Let's check that all projects are saved on a local drive.
  • Since this is happening with any file, let's see if uninstalling and reinstalling the customer's font helps. I've seen related cases where a font install file was stored on a shared drive rather than a local one.
  • I would also reinstall Storyline 360 for good measure. Here are the steps.

Let me know if you see an improvement!

Lizzie Angell

Thanks for the help - I did uninstall and reinstall Storyline - but it made no difference - but I then went and looked at the fonts and the ones I had installed showed up if I went to >Control panel > Fonts folder. But not if I went to Settings > Fonts.

I know that I installed the fonts by dragging them on to the spot in the Settings > fonts area.

I uninstalled the fonts, and instead installed them by using the right click menu and 'install' option - this made the fonts appear in both the Settings > fonts, and the Control Panel > Fonts folder.

Obviously a Windows 10 issue!

I never had any problems with using the fonts in any other applications, but they clearly weren't installed correctly.

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