Distortion by dragging a grouped object

I am experiencing the same issue in different projects: if a grouped object (from a few elements) is copied, pasted, and then dragged to reposition -- from time to time the group inside is distorted (please see the collage-screenshot of before and after)
It does not matter if I drag with a mouse or nudge with an arrow-button on the keyboard.
And sadly, Ctrl+Z does not undo this damage: I must ungroup, move, then group again. 
Can it be somehow resolved? Thank you very much!

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Irina Poloubessov

Dear Alyssa,

Many thanks for the tip!
I will check it later with dragging, however there is another distortion issue inspite of removing tje snap to grid option - I have a small circle with a small text (as a number) inside, which fits it size. When I click the circle to change the number (from 2 to 1) - the circle expands to an ellipse. I have to manyally resize it back to circle after I have changed the number.  Is it possible to fix it?
I attach the screenshot of my settings and the bug. 
Thank you very much!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Irina,

Are these standard circle (oval) shapes you've inserted and added text inside? I was playing around with this in my Storyline files, and I could edit the text, resize them, move them around, etc. and it never changed to shape to be anything other than the circle I had created. 

If you could share a copy of your .story file, I can also test in your file, and if you could record a quick Peek of the steps you're going through that would be helpful!