Diversity & Inclusion course issue

Feb 06, 2015

Hi there,

I've been asked to develop a Diversity & Inclusion course but my SMEs are reluctant to use any real life examples (naming a group) for fear they might offend someone or leave out a particular group. I explained that it would be tough to create scenarios without any real life descriptors. They also are adamant that the course remain positive - no corrective type of scenarios. This is because they don't want the course to become a "how to report an issue" resource.

So far we've only agreed on one: "An employee is concerned she's being passed over for promotions because she has an accent."

Anyone have any other suggestions that don't call out any particular group? I'm stumped.

I'm currently planning to use the one scenario and apply branching to it around:

1. What could have made her feel this way? (she heard someone talking about her accent, her boss never did any regular check-ins with her, there is no current plan for how she can advance, etc.)

2. What resources are available to her? (D&I web site, D&I in-person course, etc.)

3. How could this have been prevented? (regular check-ins by her manager, reminders to the team about D&I, etc.)

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