Does anyone have the .story file for this example? Custom player I think

I'm working on look and feel examples for a project, and I want it modern, sleek, and simple. And fun, with non-standard items. I found an example that is pretty neat, although I'm not sure I'll use photo backgrounds and people (since the illustrated characters provide a lot of options).  So first, is there a .story file out there that is similar, and second, to get the custom player buttons and icons across top and bottom, do you just disable all those items from the player and then place the custom items on each slide?

The example is from the Storyline showcase:

The main elements I will be using are people, speech bubbles, printed reports, pets (not sure how I'll get those in a style that matches characters--might have to go photographic), and maybe a computer screen.


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Kevin Thorn

Hi Amy,

You may contact DFLearning on whether they have  the .story file available to share as a template or for sale.

Yes, you would turn off everything on the player so it looks like a simple frame. Then all the navigation elements are custom along with adding the necessary triggers.