Does Storyline have a storyboard feature?

Oct 07, 2013

Does Storyline have a storyboard feature, or do you need to develop the storyboard in another app such as Word or PowerPoint?


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Steve Flowers

Hi Norma - 

Some folks "storyboard" directly into Storyline. Others use a spiral development method. A few of the handy features that help to plan within storyline are the story view, slides, off-slide objects, the notes field, and .

The story view provides a neat block diagram view of your structure. This is handy for creating a picture of the experience. The downside is this isn't printable and if your diagram is dense, it's hard to read.

The slide area is a nice way to block in planning elements. Using color blocks to indicate types, or adding in brainstormed graphics can help designers pull together plans.

Off-slide objects can contain descriptions of narrative and interactions. A shape with some text that appears to the developer "Allow the participant to practice X part of Y." These aren't printable but they work well to guide development or capture documentation of the process.

The Notes field is the only one that is faithfully exported to Word output. This is handy for sending stuff for review.

The Translation export / import feature produces a Word document containing all of your text elements. This could also be handy but it contains a lot of noise. This noise is necessary if you want to round-trip text back into Storyline.

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