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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dmitry,

Does that occur with every file you try to include a link to or just those located on your local drive? What about when adding a URL? I remember this being an issue in Storyline 1, but haven't yet seen it in Storyline 2.  Can you confirm that you're Storyline project is following along with these guidelines? Do you have a sample project we could take a look at? 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for sharing that here. I took a look and saw the behavior in your course, and within a new file I tested on my own. In my own test file, once I published the course the files opened successfully so it seems to be mostly a display issue - which was also the case for the issue fixed in Update 4 of Storyline 1. 

Please let me know if you're files still won't open within the published output when you test in the intended environment. 

Dmitry Utkin

By the way - is it possible to use file paths relative to .story? As during web development.
For ex.:
1.  .story placed in folder PROJECT.
2. Files to be inserded - in subfolder FILES (PROJECT->FILES)
3. Path to file in SL2 as files\file.pdf

Cause when I move .story from PC to PC - I have to relink files to publish projects because all paths are absolute.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dmitry,

Until you publish your .story project, the file paths will remain as you have them - so if linking to documents on your local drive, and then you move the .story file to another computer those links no longer will exist. Once you publish your project though, the files are pulled into your published output and therefore accessible even if you linked to them locally. 

In addition, relative URLs aren't supported for web objects, so you'll need to use full (absolute) URLs when adding web objects to your content.

George Champlin


RE your example of moving the .story file to another computer and not having the links work:

I work with a version control system and co-workers who download .story files that we are both working on. We have the same local paths and file structure on each computer.

Currently with the double-backslash bug in linked file paths, only the original creator of the link can publish and have the linked files end up in the external_files folder. Others publishing the project will find an empty external_files folder.

Once the path bug is fixed we will be able to publish from different computers, as long as the path is valid on both computers, right?

I've also started another thread on this issue: