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Oct 18, 2013

I have a file attached as a resource for an engineering software tool to import geometry based on a demo provided in Storyline ... I need the student to be able to download , but I cant see a way to do this. all links and attachments wat to "open" . Looking for that "right click - save as" option is it possible??

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Jim  Bates

That confirms what I have thought ... would you say the solution for providing some start up data for an  exercise with a computing tool used for engineering analysis, would be to provide a link to an accessible web page where the source date would be available to download and saved to the desktop for import into the application.

In this training the storyline lesson provides 3 levels of practice,  first demo via session capture with highlights, then simulation and finally a "do-it" with the live application and imported start up geometry and only basic steps as instruction within the storyline package.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jim,

I think placing it on a web page they can access sounds like a good option, and then if the information needs to be changed, removed, etc. you can update it on the page instead of having to update embedded files within Storyline and republish. In regards to the you just mean that they'll manually use the information to insert data into the Storyline course? I'm not sure how else they could be "importing." 

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