Drag and drop - 4 pictures only two answers possible



I am working on the following...               

I have 4 pictures of items that should be taped with either Tape A or Type B.

Picture 1 = Tape A

Picture 2= Tape B

Picture 3=Tape A 

Picture 4=Tape B

I show  the 4 pictures and I now need to have only two answers (Tape A and Tape B)  that can be reused for drag-and-drop.

If I use 4 answers ( 2x Tape A and 2x Tape B) I have the problem that the user must drag the specific Tape A option to the specific picture, otherwise this will be considered wrong, although the answer is right...

How can I fix this problem?



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Judy Nollet

Hi, Nathalie,

If you create a freeform drag-and-drop question, you can assign more than one draggable item to a given target. Here's an example of how that might look in Form View: 

Be aware, though, that this option doesn't prevent a user from dragging all the items to one target. 

You can find more info about freeform questions in the User Guide: