Drag and Drop

i have a freeform drag and drop slide. it has 10 question boxes and 10 answer boxes. I want each one to count as a question and receive a score of 10 points but i don't see that option.

If you get them all right you score 100 cause it's only one slide, but if you get two wrong it scores it a 0.

Does anyone know how each drag and drop pair can be given a 10 point value?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Cindy,

The built in Storyline quiz slides doesn't have partial scoring (a common feature request though). 

What you could set up is a variable which is adjusted by 10 each time an object is dropped correct, and then you'll need to report the value of that variable if you'd like it included in your LMS.  There is a discussion in this thread on how to set this up which should get you started.