Drag and Drop Acivity

Hi there,

I have designed a drag and drop activity where the user has to drag multiple options to a specific area (below).

I have currently set it up that each correct option HAS to be dropped on a specific box (below).


Is there a way that I can have any of the correct options be dropped to the correct area and not specify a certain box? For example having 'John Dory' be placed in either of the 2 fresh water boxes?

I hope this make sense!


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Martin Garnett

Hi Megan,

I've come across this a few times actually and have found 2 ways to overcome this issue.

To be clear, I have not found an easy way in the drag & drop interaction options to do what you're trying to achieve.

  1. You could move the drop targets next to each other (no gap) and then put a single (invisible) drop target over the top of them. So actually, the drop targets are just shapes. You can have multiple drag items dropped onto a single drop target.
  2. You can actually do this all with triggers! It takes a little bit of thinking and logic, but you can actually create drag & drop interactions without using Freeform interactions. This is much trickier than the first option but will allow you to do exactly what you want.

The only problem you may find with option 2, is that you can't use it as part of a graded quiz... (Well... you can... but that requires more trickery which I can explain if you'd like me to).

Let me know if you need me to expand on any of these points. I hope that makes sense and helps a little bit.

Martin Garnett
Wendy Farmer

Hi Megan

you can using a Pick One with some additional triggers and offstage buttons instead of using the DnD quiz type. See rough example attached.

The one drag item can be dropped in either drop zone and still be correct.

That's an interesting work-a-round too, Wendy. Thanks for pointing that out. :)

S Manning

I'm fairly new to Articulate, but I did something similar. You'll have to make sure you go into your Drag and Drop options and uncheck the box that says "Allow only one item in each drop target." Then I think you can group the two drop targets, then in the form view select "John Dory" as the "Drag Item" and "Group 1" as the "Drop Target."  Again, I'm pretty new so I'm not entirely sure this will work for what you are doing, but it did help me do something I needed to do.