Drag and Drop Broken After Last Software Update (3.4.10330.0)

Mar 08, 2017


After I updated to the latest version of Storyline 360 (3.4.10330.0), I noticed that the drag and drop interactions in my course are totally misaligned whenever I try to drag and drop an item on to a drop target. More specifically, the item automatically drops itself somewhere just outside of the drop target.

I'm using the slide attached below as an example. Before the update, I was able to drag each of the text items to the centre of each blue box. After the update, the text items no longer drop directly on to the box. My drag and drop options are attached below as well for that slide.

I even created a new drag and drop interaction and the same behavior occurred. Can you please look into this issue for me. I have a feeling that I may not be the only one affected since this issue only started occurring immediately after updating Storyline 360. 

To be clear, I have only noticed this behavior in Preview mode. I haven't published the course yet to see if this issue is present.

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Trevor Dixon

Same here. For example, I adjusted it to centre instead of stack random, and I still run into the same issue.

Also, I just published my course (HTML5 with Flash Fallback) to Articulate Review and I am running into the same problem.

I will publish as Flash only to see if that works at least. Looks like it will based on your test results.

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