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Raj S

Hi Vishal

thanks but this wont help me.

@lesslie - Can you please help me to solve this?  I am facing an issue to reset the drag object state to normal if they drop the object outside. currently the state is Channing to incorrect state if I drop outside or drop it back to the initial drag position. 

I have attached the files for your reference.


Raj S

Hi Leslie

I cant remove the drop incorrect state. i need that state to change the drop object shape after user dropping it.

i also need user to drop the drag option in incorrect drop area.

All i need is that i need to change the drag object state once user drop it. please check my first image which i shared and let me know is stroyline give that features or not.

Leslie McKerchie

To re-set while the user is still working on the question is not a feature. If I'm understanding, you want the state to re-set to normal when the object snaps back? Hopefully someone in the community will be able to assist with your design as the visual of being incorrect coupled with the need to re-set even if incorrect is not a built in feature.