Drag-and-Drop Freeform Question - Invalid Answer

Aug 07, 2019

Hi all

I need some help with my Drag-and-Drop Freeform Question. The Target should be: Drag Drop - Multiple Drags with Multiple Targets

I builed my slide up, as in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07aWCa6T5pc&feature=youtu.be shown. I added the state "Drop off wrong" to get multiple targets. My Feedback Layers are not showing, it always pops up "Invalid Answer, complete the Question". What am I missing? Any suggestions?
See enclosed my file.

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Jerry Beaucaire

First you need to tell the slide what "correct" means.   So in FORM VIEW, add your "C" and "I" boxes as options, and set "C" to correct.


Now you need a couple more triggers.   Let's set the slide to INCORRECT as soon as the slide begins so you get an INCORRECT feedback when they click submit.


Lastly, we create a trigger to set the "C" as selected when all 6 of your drop targets are Drop Correct:


That does it.

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