Drag and Drop from Content Library

May 18, 2021

Hi all,

I have used Drag and Drop interaction from storyline Content Library and its pretty good. However, when i drop the draggable in same position, it shows me incorrect state. 

I want the draggable to show correct or incorrect state only if the draggable is dropped in any drop area.

I tried to add the triggers, but it didn't helped me.

Attached the Drag and Drop slide screengrab. Draggable 01 is not at all dropped, but still showing incorrect, which I want to resolve.

Needs your suggestions to resolve. Thanks in advance!


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Radha!

I'm happy to help! This should be a quick fix. You'll want to make sure the checkbox next to Delay item drop states until interaction is submitted in the Drag & Drop Options is checked.

If that doesn't do the trick, I'm happy to take a look at your project! You can attach it to this public discussion or upload it privately in a support case.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tom,

Yes. We have recorded webinars that include drag and drop interactions. You can click this link to see the search results I found.

In addition, we have a couple of articles to get you started:

I'm not clear on what you need some help with, so if you have a specific question, please let us know.