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Jan 07, 2014

Hi all!

I have attached two slides I need help with.  I am creating drag and drop interactions. Usually this is not a problem and a simple exercise, yet I am having trouble with this slide.

In slide 1, I have 9 images that need to drop to the thumbs up or thumbs down graphic.  I understand how to hide the layers but  I would like the bulleted text to come on with each image, when the correct image is dragged to the correct up or down graphic, I want the next image and text to show up. I can get the image to come on one at a time but not the text.  I guess I can make each image and text a separate slide but was wondering if there is an easier way.

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Simon Perkins

Hi Elaine


Here's what I've done:



  • Change the sequence in which the objects appear (in the interaction)
  • Create a layer for each object and include a bit of text, e.g. Object1 = "1 ..."
  • Prefix the name of each object's image with a number (for easy referencing), e.g 1 Bike inters = Object 1
  • Create a trigger on the base slide that shows the appropriate layer when the relevant object is dropped on the correct target, e.g. show Object 1  (layer) when "1 Bike inters"(image) is dropped on "Thumbs up" image


At present, the objects appear in a sequence that means the first5 must be placed on Thumbs Up and the next 3 on Thumbs Down.  You can change this order.  If you do so, you might like to change the positionof the text on the layers so the lines of text still appear one after theother.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elaine,

It looks like Simon has you covered here, but the only caution with this set up is that the text will only show when dragged to the "correct" drop target, and the question is set up to only allow users to drop items in the correct drop target, otherwise to snap them back. It will be easy for the user to figure out what is correct based on that set up. That may or may not matter to you, but I just wanted to point it out in case. 

Elaine Moncino


I took your advise and made the new interaction (see slide 2).  Somehow I am missing something.  What should happen is the first image and first text should show up (that is why the first text is not in a layer).  When you drop image one, it should hide, object 2 (text) and image 2 should come on, and so on.  I thought I got the programming right but after staring at this for hours, I am stuck.  The problems:

       -First image doesn't show up

       - some of the object triggers do show up either.

If you can look at this, I certainly would appreciate the help.



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