Drag and drop: Is it possible to "resume" if interaction is submitted too soon?

I have a drag-and-drop interaction set up so the learner can only get it right, i.e., each item pops back into its start position if the learner tries to drag it to the wrong target. There are 10 items to "sort" into 3 different boxes.

Here's the issue: if the learner clicks Submit before they drag every item, the Incorrect feedback layer appears (rather than the "You must complete the question..." message, which does appear if they click Submit before dragging anything).

I know I can set the button on the Incorrect layer to reset the interaction to start from the beginning. But what I'd like to do is have the interaction re-start from where the learner left off. However, if I just close the feedback layer (without re-starting the slide), the items are no longer draggable.

So: Is it possible to set up a variable that can look at whether all items have been dragged? If I could figure that out, then I could disable the Submit button until the learner is done. (Otherwise, I'll just make them start all over. Nyah, nyah, nyah.)

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Judy Nollet

Yes, I know how to "jump" to the same slide and have it reset to the initial state. The thing is, I didn't want to reset to the INITIAL state, I wanted to close the Incorrect-feedback layer and have the user simply continue to drag the items that they didn't drag before clicking Submit. (That isn't possible with the default settings. The remaining items lock in place.) FYI: This was a freeform drag and drop.

The solution was to prevent the user from clicking Submit until ALL items had been dragged. That's what my notes above on the Drop Correct state are about.