Drag and Drop Issue

Sep 18, 2023

I have 2 drag and drop issues I need help with. 

On slide 1.4 Greeting Customers, I want the trigger to show the correct or incorrect layer when the learner drags two of the speech bubbles to the picture. If the two bubbles are correct, it would show the correct feedback. If they were incorrect, it would show the incorrect feedback and a button would allow them to try again. Can anyone help me set up triggers to do this?

I'm also having issues with slide 1.13 QR Code Application Process Scan Code. On this slide, the learner can drag the iPhone to either QR code and they should see the correct feedback layer. If they drop it anywhere else, they should receive the feedback that they need to give the customer a paper application. How would I set this up? I tried doing a Pick One as a work around because I know Drag and Drop can't have two targets for the same object, but it wasn't working.

My last drag and drop issue is with slide 1.17 Go Home Photos. I want the learner to be able to drag and drop the go home photos to any of the picture frames. As long as they drop all 4 onto 4 separate frames, they should get positive feedback. How would I set this up?

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