Need help Drag and Drop Menu issue

I am newer to storyline and have a few questions that may be basic.

I have a drag and drop menu feature in my course. The slide properties are set to reset to initial state after the content is reviewed for each section and go takes them back to the menu slide after content has been reviewed. I have a state built for visited but it will not trigger due to the intial state slide properties. What can I do to keep the visited state showing so the employee knows they have visited that content.

Also after each section has been viewed, I would like for a "button" to appear to take them to the next scene.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Marie

see if the attached update to your file works how you want.

  • I created a state called 'comp' for each of the icons. 
  • I created 3 t/f variables each default to false one for each icon.
  • I set a trigger on the last slide of each 'section' to adjust the variable for that icon to true.
  • I set a trigger on the menu slide to change the state of the icon to 'comp' when timeline starts if the variable = true.
  • I set a trigger on the menu slide to show layer 'next section' when timeline starts if all variables are true.

Hope this helps


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marie, 

It seems to be - the built in states and their names have pre-assigned actions and behaviors associated with them, so if you attempt to use one of those and add additional triggers to it things can start to get wonky as Storyline is relying on what it has built in and then getting confused with the additional stuff you told it to do. To help you out as you continue to build, take a look at the definitions here and if you need to do something else, start with a custom state and build from there.