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Tracy Brown

Dear Alyssa : 

I have attached two of the drag and drop slides.  The problem is that I am solving a two step inequality in steps.  I was hoping that I could just put one example on a base layer slide and allow the user to continue to interact with the process step by step still using the drag and drop interaction. I was trying not to have but so many slides since I have three examples.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for sharing your file here - this project took me on a trip down Algebra-memory lane. :)

I'd say you've got the right set-up using separate slides instead of layers, since you can't put a drag-and-drop quiz on a layer. If you're concerned about a long list of slides in your menu, you can remove certain slides from the menu to make it seem as if you're using layers. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Joseph,

The question types are set up to only be an option on the base layer. If you're using a custom set up to create something on a slide layer, perhaps you'll want to share that example with the community who can offer some creative ideas and help! Upload the .story file here if you'd like folks to take a look!